Knowledge partnership – Sunderji Teacher's Training Institute

Bldg. #8, Vrindavan Society, Shankerseth Rd., Pune, Maharashtra 411037, India

Knowledge partnership

Time to scale

No Royalty & No yearly fee

Apply for a unique franchise model (for selected cities across India) called Knowledge Partnership to assist existing educational institutes to start their own Teacher Training vertical without the stress of risking a large investment.

Simple concept
60:40 model

We simple ask our Knowledge Partner to provide a INR 10,000 sign up fee for three years commitment and in return they receive 40% of the course fee for every student they enroll to our course and get access to all our promotional + educational materials, administrative + curriculum support, full complimentary access to all our webinars and much more!
In simple terms, we conduct the lectures, design the lessons, handle the examination process, complete the legal work and the Knowledge Partner enrolls the student and handles the related logistics and receives full 40% of the course fee from their enrollments.

What we will provide

  • Admission Package
    1. Admission form
    2. Prospectus
    3. ID card
    4. Bag
  • Sign board
  • Standee
  • Business cards
  • Receipt book
  • Envelopes
  • No parking boards
  • A2 + A3 size posters
  • Creatives
  • Marketing plan for facebook, instagram, twitter and linkendin
  • Understanding the fundamentals of these platforms
  • Standardised programme book for
    1. Neuro language development
    2. Numeracy development
    3. Re-inventing the wheel for 21st century education
  • Professional subject-wise study material

  • Digital library stocked with sample lesson plans and videos on various educational topics
  • How to organize
    1. Lessons schedules
    2. Visual lessons schedules
    3. Timetable for lessons
  • Observation
    1. Timetable for internships
    2. Study tours
    3. Co-curricular activities
    4. Project work
  • How to
    1. Guide students to create
  • Lesson plans
    1. Check teaching-learning
  • Materials
    1. Check profile books
  • Rubrics for
    1. Assessing marked lessons
    2. Assessing final lessons
    3. Lesson plan book
    4. Internships
    5. Internal assessments
    6. In-house Webinars
    7. Project work
    8. Co-curricular activities

Annual visit by Auditor along with our Representatives

  • Attendance Register              
  • Mark Book     
  • Standard of Protocols Manual for
    1. Internships
    2. Lesson presentations
    3. Examinations
    4. Co-curricular activities
  • Permission letters to schools for
    1. Internships
    2. Lesson
    3. Presentations
    4. Study tours / visits
    5. Eligibility to sit for exams
  • Thank you letter to principals
  • Appointment Letter
  • Certificates
  • Virtual Lectures
    1. Professional Subjects
    2. Creative subjects
    3. Re-inventing the wheel for
  • 21st century education
  • List of NCTE recommended books
  • Detailed syllabus of Professional  subjects
  • Yearly Timetable
  • Yearly Activity Planner
  • Sample Timetable for Internships
  • Format For Lesson Plans
  • Observation sheets for Lessons
  • Observation forms for Internships
  • Access for students + knowledge
  • partner
    1. The Parenting Toolbox
    2. Contemporary Educational
  • topics
  • Examination papers of previous years
  • Examination papers for both terms
  • Hall tickets

What do we expect from our Knowledge partner?

  • Creating timetables
  • Providing topics to students
  • Mentoring the students
  • Correction of lesson plans
  • Observing lesson presentations
  • Correcting lesson presentations
  • Maintaining mark books for each student
  • Organizing internships at
    1. Parent school
    2. Leading international school
    3. School for underprivileged
    4. School for special needs children
  • Assessing observation forms
  • Conducting examinations
  • Courier examinations papers to HQ
  • Courier filled mark books to HQ
  • Declaring results
  • Organizing convocation programme
  • Assigning topics to students

  • Assessing the activity and project work