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Pre-Primary & Primary Teachers’ Training Course

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What will you gain

About the Program

An NCTE certificate course that will help you understand the early years of a child and equip you with the required practical knowledge and skills to facilitate, design, develop and implement lesson plans for children in a preschool and primary school classroom.

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Theory Subjects

Mode: Virtual

Monday – Thursday | 2:30 PM – 5:00 PM (IST)

  • Principles of development
  • Emotional development
  • Moral development
  • Motor Development
  • Physical development
  • Speech Development
  • Social development
  • Personality development
  • Variations of pronouns & verbs
  • Kinds of nouns
  • Conjunctions guidelines
  • Preposition guidelines
  • Kinds of adjectives
  • Composition guidelines
  • Types of tense
  • Introduction to Articles, Homophones & Similes
  • The fundamental bases and principles of Teaching and Learning
  • Lesson Planning: General principles
  • Teaching different types of lessons
  • Devices & techniques of teaching
  • Timetable creation
  • Re-inventing the wheel for 21st Century Education
  • Technology Integration
  • Multiple Intelligence
  • Nurturing the child brain
  • Positive School – Home Connect
  • Pre-writing Readiness + Skills
  • Day Care Centres Principles
  • Designing Dynamic Learning spaces
  • Health & Nutrition
  • Classroom Management & +Ve Disciplinary Techniques
  • Safe & Secure School
  • Inquiry Based Learning
  • Provocation & Installation
  • Resume Writing & Soft Skills Training
  • Mock P.T.M
  • Curriculum Planning /Assessments/Documentation
  • Orientation To Inclusive Classroom & Coping Strategies
  • Pre-primary / Nursery education
  • National and International Organizations in Early Childhood Education
  • National schemes for Early Years
  • Psychology of Learning
  • Teacher’s role
  • Introduction to Neurodiversity
  • ASK strategies
  • Introduction in Autism
  • Intervention process
  • Lesson Plan
  • Principles of lesson plan
  • Preparation pre-requistes
  • Marks of a good lesson plan

Creative Subjects

Mode: Hybrid

  • Time lines for language development
  • Phonological instructions & awareness
  • Phonemic awareness
  • Introduction of vowels
  • Setting up a language lab
  • Reading program
  • Vocabulary development
  • Creative writing
  • How to set up a mathematics lab
  • Preschool geometry
  • Mastering of number recognition and counting
  • Comparing of ascending & descending numbers
  • Measurement & estimation
  • Concept of Number names
  • Concept of time
  • Multiplication, division, addition & subtraction guidelines
  • Concept of money & saving
  • Music & drama
  • How to make rhymes interesting
  • Vocal warmups for kids
  • Models for pre-writing skills
  • Art of story telling
  • Arts & crafts
  • Blackboard Display
  • Charts + Flash cards
  • Puppet Theatre
  • Picture Talk

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Extended curriculum

Mode: Hybrid

Preparation of co-curricular activities
Participate & plan festivals, morning assembly and events
Get hands on training in inclusive CBSE, IB, ICSE & special schools.
Expert led workshop
Get trained from renowned and highly qualified educational guest speakers
Project works
Creating multiple learning devices to ingrain further learning
Digital library
Access multiple notes, presentations and lesson plans
Lesson plan
Create your own 12 lesson plan under expert guidance
Assessment & Examination
As per NCTE guidelines to ensure students have grasped the course

What people say about us

Happy clients

esmat zahanesmat zahan
13:33 29 Mar 23
For me, it has been an enriching experience. I got to learn many new techniques of teaching. I have gained a lot of confidence in my teaching skills. In this course every day we faced new challenges and we successfully overcame it and this has been a source of pure happiness.Topic week is the memorable part of my internship period.Our mentors are very helpful, they've guided us through the course with attention and care. I am so happy and blessed to be a part of the Sunderji family across the border Bangladesh 🇧🇩 .Whoever wants to explore the beauty of teaching within a systematic and supportive environment, this training is the finest one to choose. I will be recommending this to everyone I come across with greatest pride and confidence! Thank you STTI.
Nahida SultanaNahida Sultana
08:33 27 Mar 23
After joining the course I must say that it was a transformative experience. The course covered a wide range of topics, from teaching methodologies to classroom management techniques. The instructors were very well knowledgeable, engaging, as well as cooperative and the course itself was well-structured.One of the things that I appreciated about the course was the emphasis on hands-on learning. We were given plenty of opportunities to practice our teaching skills and receive feedback from our instructors. I also appreciated the use of technology in the course, which helped to keep things innovative and engaging.Overall, I feel much more confident and prepared to enter the classroom after joining this course. The knowledge and skills that I gained will undoubtedly be invaluable as I pursue a career in teaching. I highly recommend this course to anyone who is interested in becoming a teacher or improving their teaching skills.
ajinkya4 bhopaleajinkya4 bhopale
07:16 27 Mar 23
It was great experience....
Avanti ManiyarAvanti Maniyar
04:29 27 Mar 23
I enjoyed studying the course and gained necessary knowledge to advance my career. The staff was very supportive, course coordinators very helpful, they guided me through the course with attention and care. It was a wonderful experience. This course totally changed my perspective towards teaching in a positive manner.The most enjoying period of this course was the group activities and Theatre fest which taught us management skills and coordinating with activities with kids.The period of internships was of new learning. Mentors guided us and led our thought provoking skills upgrade and made us self reliant. They imbibed us with knowledge and teaching skills. It was a great experience overall and blessed to be part of sunderji family.
02:58 27 Mar 23
My wife joined the institute after an 18-years gap. She was worried about how to deal with.... but all teachers supported her, boosted her morale, and she performed well.Thank you Sunderji Teacher's Training Institute and its Team.


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Who can enroll?
12th standard graduate, Mid level professionals, In-service educators Edupreneurs
What certification will we provide?
Upon course completion students will a certificate in Pre-Primary & Primary Teachers Training Course from National Council of Teachers Education, India that allows you to legally teach children unto Grade 3
What kind of career placement we offer?
We offer 95% job placement in various schools across India.